The Kindness of Quilters

Why do we love quilters? Well for starters, they make some truly amazing things. But that is only half the story. There is a special kind of generosity and compassion ingrained in the quilting community that has never ceased to impress us, and today we'd like to share just one more example of that.

Earlier this year, Jeffrey and Ravit Feldman (close friends of the Kaufman family) received the news that their 2 and 1/2 year old daughter Zoe was suffering from a rare form of cancer.

After hearing of Zoe's condition, a group of quilters from Agoura Hills, CA got together and made dozens of quilts, pillowcases, and other items for Zoe and the other patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (a big thanks to Cheryl Cohen for sharing these pictures with us!).


Zoe and the other children loved their gifts, and the quilters plan to continue making projects for kids in need.

Currently, Zoe is still undergoing treatment, but if you'd like to see how she is doing or show your support, Jeffrey regularly updates a Facebook page he created called Zoe Feldman - "I Got This!" That title kind of says it all about how Zoe has handled all of this, and whether you have been personally touched by cancer or not, we can all learn a thing or two from the strength and positive attitude the Feldmans have shown through everything.