Diamond Day Quilt- 3 Color Stories!

Happy Wednesday!

We've got a great quilt pattern to share with you. It's the Diamond Day quilt, and it features our lovely Spot On collection! It's a free download online on our website, and it comes in three color stories: Spring, Sweetheart, and Monochrome. Exciting, isn't it?!







Check out our newest additions to the Spot On line below, or head to the Robert Kaufman website for the whole collection! Think of all the wonderful things you could make with this colorful collection!

Lazy Daisy Baskets

Darlene Zimmerman is at it again with her delightful Lazy Daisy Baskets. The third in the series, the collection is full of all the sweet prints and blenders that make her fabrics a favorite. 

Lazy Daisy Baskets includes two panels with floral and basket designs just waiting for you to add some embroidery stitches to bring out the motifs. Using the redwork panel and seven prints from the collection, Darlene designed this great lap quilt (finished size 53" x 53"):

Fabrics are shipping to stores this month, but you can download the free pattern now.  it works perfectly with the redwork fat quarter bundle that is available, too!

Because Darlene seems to believe that bigger is better, she also designed (and made!) this beautiful Pinwheel Posies quilt (finished size 68" x 82") using the 30s colorstory fat quarter bundle.

Look for Darlene's Lazy Daisy Baskets at independent fabric retailers this month. You can find more about Darlene's patterns, books and tools at her site: FeedsackLady.com.


Classic Minis from Darlene Zimmerman

Darlene Zimmerman

Darlene Zimmerman

Known for her variety of reproduction fabrics, Darlene Zimmerman is back with another collection, this time pulling prints from the late 1800s and early 1900s. We wanted to find out more about the colors and designs she chose for Classic Minis, so we asked her to fill us in. And that she did! Full of information, we thought maybe you'd like to hear about Darlene's inspiration, too.

"These are designs from the turn of the century (late 1800s, early 1900s). The colors and designs are typical of that period of time.

"Indigo blue prints were very popular all through the 1800s as they were a fairly colorfast dye. Indigo is a native US plant, and one of our first exports! Indigo is still used today to dye our blue jeans. And just like our blue jeans eventually fade, they still stay a nice true blue. Quilters knew they could rely upon the indigo blues to keep their color. Usually the blueprints have a reverse printed white design; only occasionally were other colors used with indigo.
"The black and gray prints from the late 1800s were also popular for quilt-making. They weren't as colorfast as the indigo dyes, but could be relied upon. At this period of time, Queen Victoria had lost her beloved husband and went into mourning; wearing black and gray. It seems the whole world went into mourning with her, as wearing black or gray became very fashionable. Black is usually combined with white to make the gray "mourning prints" which were so popular during this time.
"There are two different reds in this collection. The bright red is referred to as "Turkey Red", as this particular dye process (which was very involved and time-consuming) originated in the country of Turkey. It was also prized by quilters as Turkey red could be relied upon to be both color-fast and would not bleed. It often cost double the price, but the cost was worth it.

"Classic Colors" quilt (51" x 60")  Download the FREE pattern , designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

"Classic Colors" quilt (51" x 60") Download the FREE pattern, designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

"The second red is a burgundy red, and that color wasn't seen until the last quarter of the 1800s. It became quite fashionable then, and it's not uncommon to see both colors of reds being used in the same quilt.
"The light prints are called "shirtings" and were popular backgrounds for quilt blocks at this period of time-- used much more frequently than muslin or plain white fabric. Shirtings are white prints with a sprinkle of color. They would have been used for making "waists" for women (we call them blouses now), and shirts for men, or clothing for children.

"Broad Stripes, Bright Star" quilt (76" x 76")  Download the FREE pattern , designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

"Broad Stripes, Bright Star" quilt (76" x 76") Download the FREE pattern, designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

"The indigo blue, the red and burgundy prints and the black and gray prints would have also been used for clothing. Men, women and children mostly wore dark clothing for everyday use as it was the most practical. Back then, they didn't have automatic washing machines, so laundry was done on a monthly basis, and the same outfit would have been worn for a week! This was also during a time when one only took a bath on Sat. night (in the wash tub) whether one needed it or not. So, as you can see, dark clothing was very practical.
"The indigo blue and white quilts or quilts made with Turkey red and white are classics, and never go out of style. They will coordinate nicely into any decor from country to modern to shabby chic. Combine the red, white and blue prints and you have a patriotic look, or another type of classic quilt. These prints can also work into other collections nicely as they are truly 'Classic' prints."

Darlene designed several quilts that use her Classic Minis, all are freedownloads and can be found in the patterns section of RobertKaufman.com

'Bursting In Air' quilt (62.5" x 72")  Download the FREE pattern , designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

'Bursting In Air' quilt (62.5" x 72") Download the FREE pattern, designed by Darlene Zimmerman, from our Patterns section at robertkaufman.com.

Girl Friends Quilt {free pattern}

Since Ann Kelle first introduced the Girl Friends back in the fall of 2012, she has continued making the cutest little girls available on fabric. Mermaids, ballerinas, princesses and now, with sweet little wings, there are fairies! Mixing Kona Cotton solids and Remix chevrons and dots while spotlighting the Girl Friends collection, the quilt is a cheerful burst of girliness.

Designed by Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting, the Girl Friends quilt uses paper piecing for accurate points and finishes at 55 1/2" by 68 1/2" (lap size).

You can download the free pattern from our website, as well as dozens of other quilt and project patterns. Happy quilting!


Quilt Market , the Fall 2013 edition

We did it! One more Quilt Market, one more chance to meet our customers, designers, reps, and those who make this industry as amazing as it is. We had a great time meeting with so many, but for those of you who couldn't make it to Houston, we wanted to make sure you got to see all the fab projects, displays and people, too!

We arrived with a team to put up the booth on Thursday and for the next two days, the booth team worked their way through crates and boxes, finding and placing the many displays that had been planned. What started as utter chaos, with the help of many hands, was transformed into a stellar booth display featuring many of our Fall 2013 releases.

Elisabeth was our Quilt Market hero!

Elisabeth was our Quilt Market hero!

We were lucky enough to have a nice roster of presenters for Schoolhouses including Michael Mrowka and Debra Lunn of Lunn Studios, Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, Carolyn Friedlander, Allie Heath, Teresa Coates and Darlene Zimmerman.

The crowd went wild with their smartphones when Julie announced her new BOM, Park Bench, using Carolyn's new collection: Botanics.

Insta-love! It's the new BOM from Jaybird Quilts.

Insta-love! It's the new BOM from Jaybird Quilts.

Back at the booth, they were hanging up all sorts of fabulous quilts, including this Superkids Snapshot, made by our own Nichole Ramirez (quilted by Liz Hansen) using Ann Kelle's new Super Kids collection, some Kona Cotton solids and Ann Kelle's Remix.


There was so much cuteness in Ann Kelle's booth, eliciting squees and quick sits in the Remix-covered settee.

Loads of little projects using Remix and the new Remix Metallics, including the Pixelated Heart quilt, This and That lunch tote from Sew Sweetness, Urban Flotologie flannel footies, notebook cover, rain jacket and more. Many of these patterns will be available in the Patterns section of robertkaufman.com.

Find many of the patterns for these projects at robertkaufman.com

Find many of the patterns for these projects at robertkaufman.com

More Remix and Konas came together in the spectacular Remixed Geese, designed by Erica Jackman, sewn by our own Elisabeth Woo and quilted by the masterful Angela Walters.



Carolyn Friedlander hit the ground running with her second collections, Botanics. She spoke about the inspiration in the plants around her, as well as her architectural background.

Focus (on the left) is available from Carolyn Friedlander. Disco (on right) is from Jaybird Quilts.

Focus (on the left) is available from Carolyn Friedlander. Disco (on right) is from Jaybird Quilts.

Botanics is the name of both her collection and the appliqued wall quilt, a stunning example of her motto: Savor Each Stitch.



We're thrilled to offer up the pattern for the Cargo Tote, designed by Anna Graham of Noodlehead and featured in the Botanics booth.


The gorgeous new Lumina collection was showcased brilliantly by Judy Niemeyer in her Feathered Star quilt, featuring two colorways of Lumina with added shine from touches of Radiance.

Lumina Feathered Star by Judy Niemeyer, quiltworx.com

Lumina Feathered Star by Judy Niemeyer, quiltworx.com

The Kona display was a favorite for many with its unique display of all 271 Kona Cotton colors:


Come Fly A Kite with Us [#kiteflight QAL]


Hi!  I'm Janice and I blog over at Better Off Thread.  I'm really honored and excited that Robert Kaufman Fabrics is hosting this quilt-along for my Kite Flight Pattern.  It's such a fun and quick pattern, so I hope you all decide to join in.

• • •

I love hearing about the design process of other quilters, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about mine.  An idea for a quilt pops into my mind (usually at very inconvenient times, like just before bed) and I figure out how it is going to be constructed after I have drawn it out.  I feel that this frees me to design quilts that I wouldn't otherwise come up with if I were trying to design with a certain pre-cut, or block in mind.  So, when I came up with Kite Flight, I wasn't thinking, "I really want to design a pattern for Skinny Strips." It was just a very happy accident.

My original design was a study in creating depth through value and one-point perspective:


While I would still really love to make this quilt someday, it wouldc never translate to a pattern very easily.  The templates would be huge! I decided to simplify it and shrink the entire quilt down to block size and that was when I came up with this:


• • •

Are you ready to join in on the Kite Flight Quilt-Along?!  I'm going to give you a few tips to help you along the way.


#1: You do not need to make this quilt from rainbow colors. What is important is having a range of value. I love the version RK asked me to make with a Kona Neutral Roll-up.


#2: When you are grouping together your strips, take a B&W photo of them if you aren't sure if one strip is lighter (or darker) than another. Removing the color works wonders anytime you are making a value-based design.


#3: Because you are cutting your fabrics on the bias, a bit of starching will help to keep them from stretching.  After you sew your strips together, starch them as you are pressing the seams open.

#4: When you are piecing your blocks, I recommend light pressing with a dry iron, to keep the bias from stretching.  Once the blocks are sewn together, you can give the entire quilt top a nice steam press.

• • •

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Be sure to stop by my blog today to check out my fabric choices and progress in the quilt-along. And don't forget to tag your Instagram and Facebook pics with #kiteflight so we can all see what you're making, too!

Worth Waiting For: The Asymmetrical Diamond Quilt


You've been asking for and now we have it for you--a free, downloadable pattern for the Asymmetrical Diamond Quilt.

Inspired by Lisa Roddy's quilt on her blog, Shiner's View, we offer you a variation using our Essex Linen, Kona Cotton and Classic Plaids/Stripes.

If you are new to making half-square triangles, check out Lisa's tutorial for some tips on quick and easy HSTs.

When you finish yours (hint,hint) be sure to tag @robertkaufman on Instagram and/or Flickr. Hashtag your pics with #mydiamondquilt and we'll follow along because we'd love to see how it turns out!