Quilted Love Color Options!

Remember this Quilted Love panel quilt we recently showed you how to make?

Well since it can be made with really any 1-yard feature fabric, we thought we'd show you some new alternatives! All of these quilts were sewn by Ramona Rose and quilted by Angela Walters.

This one features fabrics from Leesa Chandler's collection, Under the Australian Sun II.  We just love the vibrant beauty and elegance of Leesa's fabrics!


Here's another version with fabrics from Florentine IV by Peggy Toole. Using this large scale  print as the focal point really brings to light how breathtakingly intricate Peggy's designs are!


And finally, we decided to try a more kid-friendly alternative featuring Vroom by Lesley Grainger. We absolutely love Lesley's designs, and we think this option would make a great gift for young children, especially boys!


Now that you've seen these new versions of the quilt, we'd like to know, which one catches your eye most? Or if you can think of another fabric line that would work well with this pattern, we'd love to hear about it!