Blog Tour & Giveaway! - Skip the Borders by Julie Herman

One of our dear friends, Julie of Jaybird Quilts, has just released her first book with Martingale and we’re too excited to be a part of the blog tour!

She’s gathered up 15 great quilts, making it even very difficult to choose a favorite. (Though Raspberry Dessert and In Formation are definite front runners.)

Julie’s written up a ton of helpful bits to begin her book including notes about the structure of a borderless quilt, basic quiltmaking info, and, of course, binding. (We say “of course” because Jaybird Quilts is our go-to resource for binding tips – look at all she offers! We’ve seen her called “the binding queen” on at least two occasions and you’ll hear no arguments from us.)

If you’ve been following the blog tour, you already know that she’s sorted the quilts into one-block, two-block, and outside-the-block designs. That makes it so much easier to know what you’re getting into before you even cut your fabric!

The Outside-the-Block quilts might be our faves, and we’re dreaming of a Framed Coins quilt with our new Night & Day or maybe a Checkerboard Dots with some of Ann Kelle’s Remix! Wouldn't the pairing of the geometrics in Remix and Julie's design make for a fun quilt?!

Julie posed some questions for each of us blog tourers, so we polled a few quilters from around the office for some interesting answers!

Q1 - All of the quilts in Skip the Borders are... borderless! Do you skip borders on most of your quilts?

Customer Service Manager, Sandie, says, “It really depends on the quilt! I let each quilt decide that for me – they will literally ask for it if they need it!” IF that has you scratching your head, you’ll definitely want to pore over the “Structure of a Borderless Quilt” section in Skip the Borders.

Q2 - In the intro to my book I give you Permission to Break the Rules. Do you break some quilting rules? What is the number one rule you break and why?

Allie answered this one with, “Sometimes I feel like it’s all of them! I hardly get time to sew so I’ve learned to let it go if my seams aren’t a perfect ¼” or my points don’t match exactly. I just channel Gwen Marston & Dennyse Schmidt and call it liberated improve.”

Q3 - It's no secret that I love binding! In Skip the Borders I included an entire chapter on binding. So the million dollar question, is do you use bias or straight of grain most of the time?

We got the most interesting answers for this question! Two of our Customer Service Gals, Lisa and Vivian, had dueling answers! Lisa says, “I’ve always used bias binding – never straight – because for me it’s easier to sew.” Vivian told us, “I’ve only ever used straight binding! As a newer quilter, bias seems like it stretches too much and would be harder for me to sew on.” Either way, we all agree with Julie that stripes make some of the very best bindings.

Now for the funnest part! Martingale has generously offered up an e-book of Skip the Borders to one Swatch & Stitch reader! Since it’s such a hot topic – tell us which kind of binding you use for a chance to win! One lucky commenter will be selected & announced on Monday, October 1st.

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