Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Recap!

This past weekend marked the 40th anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show- an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping event for any quilt lover. Established by the wonderful Jean Wells, this festival is truly a work of art. Though SIsters, Oregon would be considered a small town, this event brings upwards of 12,000 visitors. Over 1,000 quilts are hung up on store fronts and even within the surrounding landscaping throughout the town. As sponsors of this event, a few folks from the Robert Kaufman team had the pleasure of attending. We took up residence by the Stitchin' Post fabric shop, where the Kona IQ Game was in full swing. Don't worry- we also got to walk the town, and now we'd like to share our experience with all of you!

Special thanks to all the people of Sisters, Oregon, as well as the wonderful Jean and Valori Wells for making our stay so lovely!