Valori Wells + Blueprint Basics + 5 free Quilt patterns

Hi all! Today we're featuring Valori Wells' collection, Blueprint Basics!

Blueprint Basics boasts 36 fabrics, which you can look through below!

In addition to the collection, Valori Wells also designed and made the five quilts you see below, and the patterns are available for free online on our website! How cool is that?!

Ooh la la! Just look at all the pretty colors!

Ooh la la! Just look at all the pretty colors!

Valori has also been doing a Color of the Week program on her own blog! Each week she picks a color from the collection and finds color-matched inspiration in her own world to go along with it. It's a beautiful project we'd love for you to check out, and hopefully find yourself inspired by! Maybe you'll even play along! (Don't forget to #valscoloroftheweek!)

This week, her color of the week is COFFEE. Go check it out and get the caffeine boost you've been craving all day long! :)