So many possibilities with solids

When I first started quilting almost everything I made had three fabrics in it. A loud busy print and two solids or tone on tones to match. For almost a year I went alone with my 1 + 2 = an entire quilt plan. This is what happens when you are self taught and have no quilters in your life to guide you!

Nevertheless one day I woke up and discovered I had choices. It was information overload and my quilts for quite some time were all over the place in style. As time went on I found myself using less and less solids. Someone along the way had misguided me and told me that solids didn't have life to them. This came during my "learn from real quilters" phase that turned out to be "all quilters have their own rules" phase. In time I developed my own voice and a renewed love for solids.


Today I'm going to share with you a few works in progress that I have going on with solids, tips for how I keep track of mine, and a lot of yummy photos of fabric.

My personal style right now has led me to a place of mixing prints with solids. I love the high contrast that can occur when mixing the right solid with a print. Initially I was using mostly white, black & grey. Recently I've been on a green kick as well as experimenting with using many different solids in the same project.

remix with leaf quilter's linen
the pattern is a set of free tutorials on my site



i'm using kona chartreuse along with remix charms for karrie lyne's charm pack quilt a long


i have a lot of trimming to do!


i also have a work in progress with tufted tweets & an assortment of colors of kona solids.


a bold string quilt!


{ made without foundations... i'll show you how soon! }


Yummy Photo Time
Back in july when i had the opportunity to spend some time at RK i took a ton of photos!


did you know that RK has charm packs in an assortment of combinations of solids?


more eye candy


and a color card is a must have for any solids fan!


aisles and aisles of kona solids on rolls

solids on rolls.jpg

as needed they are put onto bolts and shipped out to shops
i was incredibly tempted to take a roll home with me...
but i couldn't figure out how to get it in my purse without anyone seeing.  oh well.

solids on rolls1.jpg

Storage & Tracking
One major noticeable difference that solids have from prints is a lack of a printed selvage with information. This is because solids are dyed and not printed. Even with a color card i was often forgetting which color was which and mixing them up. Then one day i had an aha moment!

My solids on mini-bolts.

My solids on mini-bolts.

using a fabric safe pigma pen i now write the color and number of each solid on the selvage of my solids {sometimes while i'm still in the quilt shop!}


sometimes i want to use lagoon... and sometimes i want to use peacock.. and very often i can't remember which is which!


as i use up the solid and cut off the name i make sure to re-write it further down the piece


So what about you?...

Do you have tips for keeping track of solids?
Storage tips?
Any works in progress with solids you want to share?