The Friends Book by Liberty Worth

Girl Friends, by Ann Kelle, features all different types of girls in a variety of themes. For our most recent release, fairies are added to the group. Our release also contained an adorable softbook containing all of the current Girl Friends and some of their other Ann Kelle pals (from lines like Wonder, Urban Zoologie and Remix!)


Liberty explains a little about herself and working with the collection:


“I'm a designer, artist, quiltmaker and mom of 2 (with one more on the way!) working from my home in Los Angeles. I was a Fine Art major in college and spent 6 years designing textiles for corporate use before branching off on my own (these last 10 years) to work by selling handmade goods. Over the past decade I've made my income by selling my fine art paintings and collages along with numerous handmade lines that include jewelry, handmade skirts, baby items and bags both online and in boutiques.  These past 5 years, though, I've found quilting to be one of my main loves. I had always wanted to make a quilt­ during my life. read: ONE quilt. It was on my "bucket list". But I never imagined stumbling onto the Modern Quilt movement and finding my voice, which I have. I've tried to count and I am most likely over 100 quilts made in the last 5 years. I'm a part of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild - I joined it in the first year established - and quilting has become a major part of my life.  I also love sewing in general. I always joke that I may not be able to control many things in my life, but my sewing machine does what I tell it to - and that alone is a great reason to sew."


"Working on this book was an absolute delight, start to finish. When I received the fabric, it was so adorable to work with that I just giggled going through it. My own daughter is 9 and had lots of opinions as to what the pages should hold.  She especially loved the little girls and mermaids with glasses - and we made sure to include at least one of them on her bespectacled behalf. She also loved that the diversity of the little girls reflects her diverse group of friends and the life we lead, and I agree."


"With each page, I tried to think about my daughter and the various ways she makes and keeps friends and thus the project became both personal and sweet. I hope that other sewists have just as much fun making soft books with this fabric as I did!”


A book like this is easy to assemble and personalize as you see fit. Simply create a page in the size desired and raw edge applique on the cute Girl Friends and their pals where you’d like! You can easily trace around them on the fabric with a water-soluble pen and then cut with scissors.

Liberty chose to add her text by writing with a fine-point permanent pen. She worked with her daughter to create a story of friends in all shapes, colors and sizes! It’s easy to personalize this project and a great way to interact with the little ones in your life.