Meet the New Folks: Teresa!


What do you do at Robert Kaufman Fabrics?
I am the one who gets to post pictures of beautiful quilts and projects on social media, answer customer questions, chat with bloggers and help with all the behind-the-scenes advertising, marketing and content creation.

How did you wind up here?
I heard through friends at Generation Q magazine that Robert Kaufman Fabrics might be hiring and I jumped at the opportunity. I'd previously worked as an editor for an trade magazine in Portland, Oregon and am thrilled to continue working in an industry I love so much.

What's your favorite fabric right now?
I'm slightly obsessed with Blythe (designed by Rebecca Bischoff) that is in stores now. I love the rich colors and its uncluttered florals. Girly, but not too much. I'm planning to use it to line the wool coat I made.


Do you have a favorite technique or pattern?
I love the log cabin block and all its variations. My first twin-size quilt was a log cabin that took me twelve years to finish because I ran out of one of the fabrics. Oops. Last summer I was able to take a class with Susan Beal and we made some Modern Cross baby quilts for charity—it's my new favorite quick-and-easy block!

What is your current project?
I always have a few things going at once, but my top priority right now is finishing a fan quilt my great-grandma hand-pieced four decades ago.

Go-to color for quilting?
I'm a sucker for the neutrals, especially white, snow and ash (Konas, of course!).


Three things on your sewing/quilting bucket list:

If you could spend a day with any quilter or designer, who would it be?
I've loved Laurie Wisbrun's fabrics since her first collection and I think her books are fabulous, so I would be thrilled to spend the day oohing and aahing over her designs and getting crafty with her. 

Anything else you want to tell us?
I'm a sucker for hand-sewing, yet I love to bust projects out in a day whenever possible. I love sewing clothes for people I love and teaching others to sew, as well. One of the things that I adore most about working with fabric, whether it's sewing or quilting, is that there is always more to learn, skills to master and fabric to hoard.

Follow along with Teresa's sewing and quilting adventures via her blog and Instagram.