Kona Color Contest! - WINNERS

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Kona Color Contest post, and gave you input for our next round of new colors! We received over 250 comments! We'll keep you posted here on the Swatch & Stitch, as well as our Twitter, when the newest colors are released.

The winners, thanks to Random Number Generator, of the Kona charm pack sets are:

#218: Jean, who said,

"muddies --earth tones like tree trunk browns,soil,hills,houses and shadows--inbetween greens to add depth to the landscapes--rainbow bolts with shading across the width would be an applique.s dream fabric"


#96: Kathy, who said,

"How about a new color that goes with each new collection/colorway."


#172: Jessica, who said,

"More oranges and aquas, please! There's so much you can do with different shades of orange, and the same with aqua or blue-green - especially for sea-inspired quilts."


#48: Mary, who said

"There are not enough variations of brown and it would be great to get some more!"


#71: upstatelisa, who said

"I would love to see some flaming orange and some bright lemon yellows as well!"


Winners have been notified via email.


A few commenters asked specifically for colors that coordinate with our new lines. While we don't necessarily produce our Konas to match new collections, with over 200 colors there's a very good chance you can always find a color that works. For the collections that we think work well with Kona, we've loaded the separate colorstories right into our website! Just above each collection view, you'll see this option:

When you choose to view by colorstory, you'll see the exact coordinates our Design Dept. handpicked to work with the line. For Amanda Murphy's Ambrosia, there were more than a few Kona colors that coordinated beautifully:

Whenever you see Kona coordinates in the colorstory view, you can trust that we've picked a perfect fit!

Keep checking back for more RK news, great giveaways, and more!