All About Vanessa of V&Co.

Do you know Vanessa? She's a super crafty mom of four and I want to be her when I grow up. She probably thinks I'm crazy for saying that but in all honesty V rocks and her blog is always inspiring. Read on to learn a bit more about her and have the chance to win one of her patterns.


1. V, I just love this banner pattern! How in the world did you get this idea?

you know, i kept seeing banners everywhere, and i kept thinking to myself, wouldn't that be a cute quilt pattern? and well it took me 7 months after i thought that thought, to actually get it done in real life, but i think it was worth making it no matter how long it took me to make it a reality!


2. You often mix simple appliqué with a pieced quilt for a flawless design. Did you always mix the two?... or how did you get started on combining them?  

i love that you can create anything you want with applique, so yes in the future you will continue to see me do the two together. i personally love simple designs,so you will see in my quilts either one very pronounced applique (like my just dandy quilt) or you will see it in repetition like my banner quilt and in a couple more quilts soon to debut in a magazine. new applique quilts pop up in my brain on a daily basis, so keep a look out for more of that in the future...if only i could make my hands work as quickly as my head...i'd have a whole mess of quilts happening daily!


3. You use a lot of texture in your projects. Do you have a lot of trial and error to get things to look how you want or do you just go for it?

absolutely on trial and error!!! BUT, sometimes the mistake is even better than the original thought. love that.


4. All of your projects show your great sense of color. What color or colors do you think are going to be big in 2011?

 ha! well last year i was lucky and was right when i told you about gray becoming the new it color, so this year, if i'm right again, i would say more neutrals like biege and creams and whites and some stone colors. but don't rule out gray i think it's just started to make the scene,  so watch for more designers making that as part of their palate. but then again...what do i know? :)


5. If you ruled the world for 24 hours and everyone had to do what you wanted... what would that day look like?

holy hannah, what kind of fabric quilting question is that? okay well i'll answer it two ways. my miss universe answer would be: i would make everyone work to help each other out, weather it be call the elder neighbor and tell him you are bringing dinner, or make a blanket for the flood relief...for 24 hours you would have no choice but to do good and help others without wanting recognition, a reward, or some kind of payback. 

and my completely selfish no judgment given answer would be: that everyone would give me whatever the heck i wanted.  back massages? granted!  a bazillion dollars in my acct? done! not having to wipe little kids butts? absolutely! kids not give me lip about having to do homework? YES PLEASE!  i think after a while that would get old real quick...but for 24 hours? yeah i think i could deal with that.


I fell in love with Vanessa's Banner Quilt as soon as she posted it! I decided to go bright and girly with my fabric choices. It's Remix mixed with Quilter's Linen. I've been working on this quilt for a while. I did the applique on the flights to and from LA and it was a great project to do on the go. Vanessa's PDF pattern has 14 pages and goes into every step with photos.


It's snowed here again last night and it's super cold and crazy windy. Getting a good photo of the quilt this morning wasn't easy... but I guess the flags just want to be flying in the wind!

I decided not to do a pieced border since my prints were so bright and bold. Instead I opted to do a flange and a brighter pink border. The flange is put on between the 2 borders using the same method as my binding flange tutorial.