Josephine Kimberling: The Heart of Glam Garden

Recently, Josephine Kimberling tweeted (via her Twitter account) about what a wonderful time she had doing a photo shoot for her Glam Garden collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. We decided to catch up with her and describe what makes this amazing collection so special to her and a little more about the actual photoshoot. Needless to say, her infectious personality shines through in her wonderful description of the collection and that special afternoon with a few friends and a camera.

About the Collection
"The Glam Garden fabric collection combines an explosion of florals, geometrics & pretty prints with glamorous colors – blooming with pretty bohemian sugary chic-ness!.

With Glam Garden I was inspired to create a variety of glamorous floral prints, each with a different feel & aesthetic that could work together well. Most of the prints started out as intricate sketchbook doodles, which is where I love to start with my ideas. I also desire for each print to be able to stand on its own, so I put a lot of thought into making it special enough to do just that. Putting collections together eclectically really makes me happy, so I added in a few geometrics & a vintage wallpaper print to round the group out.

The Shoot
For the Glam Garden photo shoot, I definitely had a vision & theme in mind. With the fabrics full of bright, luscious colors and eclectic prints, I wanted to have an outdoor garden party with cupcakes, candy, parasols & paper pom-poms hanging from the trees! A party we would surely want to attend! It took a small army of friends and family to pull all of the pieces together to make the vision come to life. I started sewing garments mid-January for the Glam Garden February photo shoot, and sewed all 8 of them the same size, knowing that I would be able to accessorize them with a belt if they were too big forany of the models (good thing belts are “IN” right now!). Pattern details for each garment from the photo shoot are listed on my website’s Inspiration page.

My good friend Karin and I collaborated on the design of the Luscious Bow Tote, and with her fashion design background, she sewed the sample and compiled the instructions that you can download from Robert Kaufman and my website. My good friend Cheryl sewed 2 garments for me. Danielle Howarth of Dani Bags offered to sew-up her “Sophia” bag in my Glam Garden fabrics for the photo shoot (photo’s coming soon), Tina Michalik designed the “Big Zag” quilt for Robert Kaufman, and was generous enough to send her quilt to use in the shoot. One night I even got so inspired and designed & sewed up a ruffled pillow for an extra prop!

The Glam Garden photo shoot was an absolute blast! We shot at my friend’s home in West Seattle, which worked wonderfully for the girls to be able to get ready in a house (rather than in a van on location, like they had to for the Hot Blossom photo shoot!). The girls came over 2 hours before the shoot to try the garments on – which includes them trying on different garments, shoes, jewelry, etc. until we got the right “look." It’s so fun to play dress-up and see the fabrics come to life!

With the outfits & models in tow, we ate a delightful lunch while I collaborated more with my photographer about the props I had, shots I was wanting, etc. And then with a nice sunny Seattle day we began the photo shoot!

You can view the photos from my Glam Garden photo shoot on Flickr here or view them in a fun slideshow on my website here."


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