Spring 2019 Quilt Market Recap

Welcome to our Spring 2019 Quilt Market Recap!

We just attended Spring 2019 Quilt Market in Kansas City, Missouri, and we can’t wait to tell you all about our featured designers and fabric collections! Scroll through to view our different booth features, and use the ‘What’s in the Booth’ graphics to learn more about your favorite projects.

Adventure by Elizabeth Hartman

Jump right in and explore the new Adventure fabric collection by Elizabeth Hartman! Featuring 6 designs, including a darling Lemur print, this 21 piece collection ships to stores in August of 2019. New quilt patterns by Elizabeth Hartman highlight these fabrics in the best way - see them all below, and make sure to use the ‘What’s in the booth?’ graphics to learn more about these projects.

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Adventure.jpg
Spectacular Savanna Spectacular Savanna Elephant Quilt Zebra Pillow Lion Pillow Leafy Leafy (Small) Leafy Pillow Lana Lemur Lana Lemur (Small) Lana Lemur Pillow August

Violet Craft Modern Classics by Violet Craft

So much vibrant color in one collection - we can’t believe it either! This 21-piece line of basics by Violet Craft, shipping to stores July 2019, lends itself perfectly to a variety of different projects. See these play together wonderfully in Violet’s quilt patterns, including a new pattern from her abstractions series - Unicorn Abstractions!

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Violet Craft Modern Classics_2.jpg
Quilt Market Spring 2019_Violet Craft.jpg
Unicorn Abstractions Horse Abstractions Holly Holiday Country Star Barn (Spring Time) Country Star Barn (Americana)

Making Memories - Jill Shaulis

Making Memories is Jill Shaulis’ first collection for Robert Kaufman. Jill’s booth was so wonderful, it won the Best Single Booth award! These 27 Civil War reproduction fabrics ship to stores in August 2019. The collection features a whopping 9 designs, showcased perfectly in the quilt patterns and projects designed by Jill seen below. This collection is designed to mix-and-match, so explore the booth, and start your brainstorming!

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Making Memories.jpg
Jill with her well-deserved award

Jill with her well-deserved award

Blocks for Knox Cross My Heart From Eden's Garden Hadley Belle Harriet's Pioneer Braid Runner Ian's Song Kade's Crossing (Purple) Kade's Crossing (Teal)

Instead by Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn’s newest collection, Instead, features 15 fabrics, 3 designs, and a beautiful, rich color palette. This collection ships to stores in July of 2019. Explore her new quilts, and their miniature counterparts, in the booth below!

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Instead.jpg
Arlo Arlo Charm Sunrise Light Mini Sunrise

Sky by Jennifer Sampou

This 30-piece collection of ombré fabrics by Jennifer Sampou will make you feel like you’re up in the sky, yourself! See how Jennifer plays with these ombrés, using the different shades within each ombré as separate colors, or continuous pieces of changing color. Jennifer’s 6 new project patterns are available in her new book from C&T Publishing, Ombré Quilts, which ships to stores at the same time as the fabric collection (October 2019).

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Sky.jpg
Dawn Star

Kona® Color of the Year 2019: Splash

Our limited edition Kona® Color of the Year for 2019 is Splash - a boisterous and bright blue-green hue. Check out the free quilt patterns by some of your favorite designers, below! Did we mention these patterns are FREE?

Quilt Market Spring 2019_Kona COTY.jpg
Breeze Pinwheel Stars Reflection Splish Splash

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Fall 2018 Quilt Market Recap

Welcome to our Fall 2018 Quilt Market Recap!

We recently returned from International Quilt Market in Houston, TX! We want to take you on a virtual tour of our booth, featuring collections from Elizabeth Hartman, Carolyn Friedlander, Violet Craft and more. Explore the various collections and projects below!

These lovely RK quilts were made and quilted by Sandi Irish of Irish Chain, and they are absolutely stunning!

Elizabeth Hartman - Berry Season

Berry Season features 28 sweet, nature-inspired SKUs, along with 6 new colors of Kitchen Window Wovens! Elizabeth decked her booth out with mushrooms, bees, strawberries, and more gnome-friendly decorations, and earned the Best Single Booth award! Check out her booth and all her new quilt patterns below!

RK QMF18 Elizabeth H and Megan_SMALL.jpg
Beehive Beehive Pillow Norm and Nanette Norm and Nanette (small) Cuckoo Berry Patch

Carolyn Friedlander - Harriot/ Harriot Yarn- Dyed

Carolyn’s newest collection is actually two collections in one! Harriot and Harriot Yarn Dyed offer a variety of prints and textures that play beautifully together. Featuring two screen prints in a variety of colors (+ unique border details and a scallop design), as well as yarn-dyes in an array of designs and weights, Harriot is perfect for quilts, accessories, garments, and home dec projects! Explore Carolyn’s booth, fabric and projects below:

All Sewn Up Sewing Kit Alphabet Mini Archer Button Up Bolero Vest Brome Cargo Duffle Cased Circles Clutched Fen Finch Bucket Tote Finch Bucket Tote Heidi Pullover Hunt: Harriot Hunt: Tangerine Mercer Tunic Mini Eads (Version A) Mini Eads (Version B) Tangelo Two in One Case Wiksten Kimono (long) See it All Pouch String Bag Lott (B) Lott (A) Wiksten Kimono (short) Lott (C) Lott (D) Persephone Pants Burda Style 6511

Violet Craft - Betty’s Luncheonette

Betty’s Luncheonette is the newest collection from designer Violet Craft, inspired by her mother Betty and her vintage style. These 33 fabrics are all so sweet and cheery, you’ll want to get your hands on every single one. Explore all of Violet’s new quilt patterns below - there’s truly something for every kind of quilter!

The Fruit Juice Quilt The Citrus Grove Quilt: Lemon Grove Forest Abstractions The Fruit Basket EPP Raffia Weave The Citrus Grove Quilt: Fruit Salad

Carrie Quinn - Charlotte c. 1860

The Charlotte c. 1860 collection by Carrie Quinn features 23 traditional fabrics in rich creams, blues, and browns. Learn more about Charlotte’s Medallion, the 8-Month Block of the Month program featuring the Charlotte c. 1860 collection, and explore more of the booth below!

Charlotte's Medallion Charlie's Star Puzzle Three for the Money

Winter Collections

Welcome to our winter wonderland! This year we featured 4 different winter collections, including Winter Shimmer by Jennifer Sampou, Winter’s Grandeur by Studio RK, Holiday Flourish by Peggy Toole, and Winter White: Solstice by Lynnea Washburn. Explore the booth and projects below!

RK QMF18 Holiday 01A.jpg
RK QMF18 Holiday 01B.jpg
Ode to the Trees White Forest Glistening Christmas Stellar Starburst BOM

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Spring 2018 Quilt Market Recap

Welcome to our Spring 2018 Quilt Market Recap!

We recently came back from International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon, and we have so much to share with you!

Set up:

Before Quilt Market even starts, our team puts in two days of hard work to get the booth up and running. Creating a bright, colorful, quilt-packed booth from the ground up in such a short time is quite an amazing process. We're very proud of our whole team and of the stunning booth we brought to life. Watch the video and click through the photos below to see it all come together!

Booth Tour:

Sit back, relax, and get scrolling! We're going to take you on a tour of our Quilt Market booth - and believe us - it's jam-packed with beautiful fabrics, quilts, and other sewing projects. There are even some FREE patterns, so keep an eye out :) All of the "what's in the booth" graphic keys are clickable, so make sure to check out your favorite patterns and bookmark them.

Valori Wells - Marmalade Dreams

Marmalade Dreams is more than Valori's newest collection - it's her 40th fabric collection (and her 20th year designing fabric). This booth received such praise - its stunning projects and decoration made this booth incredibly inviting. Valori welcomed passersby into her booth to knit (with yarn, dyed by Blue Moon Fibers to match her collection), to sew, or just to sit and chat. It was so well-loved, it deservedly received the award for Best Single Booth at Quilt Market this year. Congratulations, Valori!

RK_QMspring18_Valori Wells.jpg
RK_QMspring18_Valori Award_07.jpg
Diamond Days Marmalade Dreams Make a Bunch of Flying Geese Soaring Day Dream Starlight Log Cabin The Brooke Bag

Carolyn Friedlander - Polk

Carolyn's newest fabric line - Polk - consists of 3 different designs overprinted on Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun, creating a depth of texture and color that breeds endless possibilities. Explore this collection below!

Davie Lusk Mini A Lusk Mini B Lusk Mini C Babson Traverse Bag Uniform Tunic Pencil Pouch Petal Pouch Portside Dopp Kit Crew Pincushion Set West Water Tunic Adeline Dress

Elizabeth Hartman - Arctic

Elizabeth's new collection, Arctic, charms with its muted color palette and sweet designs, but stands out best through Elizabeth's newest quilt patterns! Check out Penguin Party, Swan Island, Feathers and North Star below. Plus, explore the few prints available in flannel, as well as Elizabeth's woven gingham coordinate collection, Kitchen Window Wovens!

Penguin Party Penguin Party (Child) Penguin Party Pillow Feathers Feathers Pillow North Stars Narwhal Pillow Otter Quilt Swan Island Swan Island (Baby) Swan Island Pillow

Violet Craft - New Patterns!

Violet's new patterns dazzled everyone this market! Check out her new farm-inspired EPP and FPP patterns - including the cutest new Cow Abstractions quilt, a rooster, sunflower, and so much more!

RK_QMspring18_Violet Craft.jpg
RK_QMspring18_Violet Craft_2.jpg
The Cow Abstractions The Sunflower Pillow The Sunflower The Wolf Abstractions The County Star Barn Quilt The County Star Barn Pillow The Rooster

Anna Graham - Forage

We were so happy to debut Anna Graham of Noodlehead's first collection for Robert Kaufman - Forage! Printed on Essex and Essex Yarn Dyed, this 20 piece collection features versatile designs and a color palette perfect for quilts, garments and home dec projects alike. Get inspired by exploring below:

Smock Top and Dress Cargo Duffle Crystal Palace Forage Bag Handmade Style Baskets Kalle Shirt Dress Lined Drawstring Bags Minimalist Wallet Patch Nine Pearl Dress Petal Pouch Range Backpack Runaround Bag Tamarack Jacket Tiny Treasures Basket and Tray Trail Tote Traverse Bag

Darlene Zimmerman - Penny's Dollhouse

We featured two collections by Darlene this market. First off is Penny's Dollhouse - the most darling dollhouse themed collection. Featuring two panels (a dollhouse and a doll panel), and a selection of the sweetest '30s blenders, this collection will have you smiling from ear to ear. Take a look around, you won't regret it!

RK_QMspring18_Pennys Dollhouse.jpg
Hummingbird Penny's Dollhouse Penny's Dolls Double Wedding Ring Runner

Darlene Zimmerman - Eaton Place

Eaton Place, the second Darlene Zimmerman collection featured at market, is the picture of elegance. Featuring enchanting florals in pinks, blues, creams and a touch of green - this line will leave you feeling perfectly at peace. Explore the free quilt patterns below! 

RK_QMspring18_Eaton Place_1.jpg
RK_QMspring18_Eaton Place_2.jpg
Floral Kaleidoscope Stars and Bars Eliza Jane Buttons and Bows

Sewing Studio

Did you know that Robert Kaufman sells more than quilting cotton? It's true! We put together a sewing studio booth to showcase a great selection of the different substrates we offer. The best part is, there's a ton of room for creativity here, and you can use these different substrates in quilts, as well as garments and accessories. Some of the featured fabric collections include: London Calling, Essex Canvas/YD, Essex YD Homespun, Sevenberry Canvas Prints, Laguna Jersey Prints, Mammoth Flannel, Sevenberry Nara Homespunand more!
Check out the booth and its projects below!

RK_QMspring18_Sewing Studio_2.jpg
Range Backpack Range Backpack Range Backpack Range Backpack Explorer Tote Explorer Tote Go Anywhere Bag Explorer Tote Campfire Messenger Bag Petal Pouch Cheyenne Tunic Inari Tee Dress Baby and Toddler Harem Pants Beatrix Inari Crop Tee Kismet Trinket Boxes Maritime Sloan Leggings Hawthorn Ogden Cami The Kittens Linden Linden Inari Crop Tee Hunter Tank First Day Top Beatrix Granville Shirt Mori Top Zephyr Romper

Kona® Color of the Year: Tiger Lily

As you might have seen, our Kona® Color of the Year for 2018 is Tiger Lily - a unique, rich, red orange hue! Explore the free quilt patterns by some of your favorite designers below!

RK_QMspring18_Kona COTY_1.jpg
RK_QMspring18_Kona COTY_2.jpg
Mushrooms Terrace The Giant Pineapple Tigerlily Autumn Bliss

Precut Pop Up Shop

We also sold some of our new precuts and kits at the Precut Pop Up Shop, and featured some of our Alphonse Mucha quilt patterns!

RK_QMspring18_Precut Pop Up.jpg
RK_QMspring18_Precut PopUp_001.jpg
Garden Goddess Rose

Tear Down!

After the show, we tear down our booth in a matter of a few short hours. Take a look at the timelapse below!

Fall '17 Quilt Market Recap

Welcome to our Quilt Market Recap!

We can't wait to show you all of the wonderful fabrics and projects showcased at Quilt Market in Houston, TX! Our booth featured new collections, quilts and projects from designers: Violet Craft, Elizabeth Hartman, Valori Wells, Carolyn Friedlander, Malka Dubrawsky, Darlene Zimmerman, and Pam Goecke Dinndorf, as well as a Kona® Cotton display (of 340 colors!), Gustav Klimt by Studio RK, and a Precut Pop-Up Shop!


It takes us two days to put this booth together. Check out some footage from the set-up process below!

Booth Tour

Violet Craft + Palm Canyon

Violet Craft's debut collection for Robert Kaufman - Palm Canyon - stunned Market-goers so much that she won a 1st place award for Best Single Booth!


Palm Canyon is composed of 7 designs and has 30 total fabrics. See the booth below and find this collection in stores at the end of February/beginning of March! Click on the projects in the 'What's in the Booth' section for more information!

RK_QMfall17_001 Palm Canyon.jpg
RK_QMfall17_002 Palm Canyon.jpg
The Atomic Starburst The Orange Peels and Pinwheels Barn Owl Elevated Abstractions: Desert Mirage

Elizabeth Hartman + Terrarium

The Terrarium collection - 8 designs and 32 total fabrics - features succulents, plants, and even a little fawn, in two color stories (warm and cool), paired with a slew of incredible quilt patterns full of desert animals, succulent plants, and more. Find this collection in stores at the end of February/beginning of March. Take a look below and get inspired!

Delightful Desert (Large) Delightful Desert (Medium) Delightful Desert (Small) Greenhouse (Large) Greenhouse (Medium) Greenhouse (Small) Fancy Forest Lisa the Unicorn Bjorn Bear Dwight the Deer Lisa the Unicorn

Valori Wells + Musings

A gorgeous array of blues, greens and neutrals makes Valori's Musings a real showstopper. Check out all 5 prints, including a beautiful full-width print, plus tons of projects as seen below! Find this collection in stores at the end of January/beginning of February.

RK_QMfall17_004 Musings.jpg
Musings Soaring In Flight The Eclipse Turbine Make a Bunch of Flying Geese

Carolyn Friedlander + Gleaned

Inspired by nature, Carolyn's new collection Gleaned features a rich color palette and a diverse group of 6 unique designs (including 2 full width prints with selvage detail). Find this collection in stores at the end of January/beginning of February. See them in action below!

RK_QMfall17_005 Gleaned.jpg
RK_QMfall17_006 Gleaned.jpg
Wainwright Wainwright Russell Russell Sessoms Alturas Pillow Sham Kalle Shirt Traverse Bag

Malka Dubrawsky + Mark to Make

Malka's debut Robert Kaufman line - Mark to Make - is a collection of hand-dyed and printed fabrics, with a strikingly rich color palette and 6 bold, graphic designs. Find this collection in stores at the end of February/beginning of March. See how Malka uses these prints in her booth below!

RK_QMfall17_007 Mark To Make.jpg
Flying Dice Mosaic of Eight Simple Jim Mayan Mosaic Love Pillow Lilliana Everyday Skirt Hunter Tank Varda Dress

Darlene Zimmerman + Sunshine Garden

Darlene's newest collection, Sunshine Garden, is jam packed with elegant florals and blenders in a sweet blue and yellow palette. Find this collection in stores at the end of January/beginning of February. Explore her booth and projects below!

RK_QMfall17_008 Sunshine Garden.jpg
Exploding Star Sunshine Garden

Gustav Klimt by Studio RK

Inspired by artwork by Gustav Klimt, this collection by Studio RK includes 3 panels (+ coinciding FREE projects) - The Kiss, The Woman in Gold, and The Tree of Life, as well as additional blenders - all featuring gorgeous metallic gold accents. Find this collection in stores at the end of January/beginning of February. Explore the booth and projects below!

RK_QMfall17_009 Gustav Klimt.jpg
The Kiss The Woman in Gold The Tree of Life Glazed Donuts

Pam Goecke Dinndorf + Psychedelia

Pam's second collection with Robert Kaufman - Psychedelia - features 6 psychedelic designs in a vibrant color palette. Find this collection in stores at the end of December/beginning of January. Check out her booth below:

RK_QMfall17_012 Psychedelia.jpg
Progress Matrimony

Kona® Cotton

Did you know that we have 37 NEW Kona® colors? And that means that we have 340 Kona® Colors total! This year we showcased all this rainbow magic in our Kona® Cotton booth, with a display featuring a bolt of every Kona® color in the line. We also recolored some of your favorite FREE Kona® patterns in the new colors! On the other side of the booth, we also featured our Kona® Designer BOM 2018!

RK_QMfall17_015 Kona colors wall.jpg
RK_QMfall17_013 Kona BOM wall.jpg
Kona® Designer BOM 2018 Adore-la Diamond Transparency Frameworks Tangled Kite Flight North and South Pique Nique

Precut Pop-Up Shop!

After Sample Spree (the night before Quilt Market begins), we take the extra product we have back to the booth to sell in our Precut Pop-Up Shop! Check out the booth below, as well as some fun Sample Spree photos!

RK_QMfall17_011 Precut PopUp.jpg
Mosaic Mountains Mosaic Mountains

Fall '17 Quilt Market Schoolhouse Sessions!

If you'll be at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX next week, make sure to stop by our schoolhouse sessions, held throughout the day on Friday, October 27th in Room #371B!

See the full schedule below:


Mark to Make is a collection of modern, hand-dyed fabrics by Malka Dubrawsky. Learn to pair simple and direct quilt patterns with bold, graphic prints for a striking display that will captivate your customers.


The desert comes to life in Violet Craft's debut fabric collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Palm Canyon. Come explore the prints, the patterns and the oasis life.


New quilting basics collection, Terrarium by Elizabeth Hartman, features a colorful world of plants and animals. Come see new precut-friendly projects and learn about how Terrarium can fit into your shop.


Meet Gleaned, Carolyn's newest collection with Robert Kaufman. Discover how her latest projects, this collection and its additional coordinates can be used together to engage and educate your customer.


Experience Pam Dinndorf's most personal collection to date, Psychedelia. Literally meaning "vivid colors or designs, expanding the mind's awareness," discover how this group will expand your sales and entice your customers!

We hope to see you there!