Quill Essex for Clothing

Arriving in stores now, Quill Essex is a complementary collection to Valori Well's Quill. With several of the same motifs, the collection are great together, yet truly stand on their own.

As a garment sewist and pattern designer, Valori wanted to make a collection specifically for apparel. So with a few tweaks to the scale and different coloring, she created the seven prints available in Quill Essex. And of course, they coordinate beautifully with several solids already available in Essex Linen.

The linens work perfectly for home accessories and handbags, as well. Valori used her Mina Bag pattern with two of the prints to create this lovely satchel.

Jemellia Hilfiger of JemJam whipped up some Maritime Shorts (Grainline Patterns)...


...and an adorable A-line skirt from Jona Giammalva's The Essential A-Line Skirt book, lining it with voile.


Essex Linen texture and weight makes it ideal for apparel, bags, pillows and home decor and Valori Wells' design in Quill Essex give it incomparable style.  Ask for it at your local quilt shop!