LA Textile Show, Fall 2016/2017

Hey all! It's that time again- the LA Textile Show at the California Market Center! Here's a quick recap!

This season, our booth featured a range of fall-inspired collections, from corduroys to denims and chambrays to flannels. Take a look below to see all the great apparel items and fabrics we showed this year, and click on the links to learn more about specific collections!

Flannel, Corduroy, Moleskin

On mannequin:

Kelley Skirt designed by Megan Nielson and made by Knitty Bitties. Featuring Corduroy 14 Wale, Merlot (C375-1230)

Maritime Tee designed by Liesl & Co and made by Miss Make. Featuring Knit Herringbone, Natural (K079-1242)

Featured collections include Mammoth Flannel, Shetland Flannel, Chamonix Cotton Moleskin, Corduroy 14 Wale.

Custom Digital Fabric Printing

Robert Kaufman Fabrics is now offering custom digital printing services. To learn more about what we offer, click here.

American Minis

On mannequin:

Bistro Dress designed by Liesl + Co. and made by Knitty Bitties. Features Chambray Union (CCCX-14119-62)

Features Carolina Gingham, Carolina Gingham 1", and various denims and chambrays from our RK House of Denim collection.

We hope to see all of you at the next LA Textile Show this Spring. Until then, feel free to contact us with any inquiries! (Contact info can be found on our website)