A Little Birdie Told Me... It's not a quilt until it's quilted

A wise friend has often told me "It's not a quilt until it's quilted." Her words have been getting louder and louder in my head recently as my pile of quilt tops has grown.
I often have multiple projects going on at once. A new idea will come and I'll start a project. Despite this I didn't use to have a pile of quilt tops. Once a project got to that stage of a finished top I was usually committed to completing it. 
Has anyone ever told you it's about the journey and not the destination? I think we often forget this during the quilt making process. Even if we enjoy the journey we keep focusing on the destination. When I went outside earlier to take these photos I stopped for a minute and just enjoyed being outside. The weather... the flowers... the sounds... all of it.
So I have this stack of quilt tops. There are six tops in this stack & more in the studio. I could tell you that I'll have them done soon, but in reality I probably won't. The "Quilting" step in quilt making is my least favorite. Recently I only get projects done because of deadlines. Once the quilting is done I love binding the quilt. When the right inspiration comes I'll finish these tops and have a few more quilts.
That same wise friend recently wrote a blog post titled, "It's not a quilt until it's quilted." Her post was actually the spark that got me thinking for this post.
In her post she shows the quilt below. I saw this quilt a few months ago when it was just a top. The quilting makes it sing & I wanted to share it with you.
quilt details
pattern - Piece of Cake
designed by Camille of Thimble Blossoms
quilted by Kenna
What are your thoughts?
Is it not a quilt until it's quilted?
Do you have a pile of tops that need to be quilted?
Do you have a least favorite step? 
I'll be back on October 22nd
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