Behind the Scenes: Quilt Design

This July, we will be releasing over 700 new fabrics that will be appearing in quilt shops this fall. These quarterly releases generate a flurry of activity here in the Robert Kaufman offices. A major component to these releases is the development of quilt projects to promote our designer and studio collections.

Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at the process:

First, we focus on select collections. This entails sorting through the 40 or so groups that are scheduled for release and keeping it organized with all kinds of spreadsheets and notes and such -- as you can see, it tends to get a bit messy :)

Once we have the list of fabrics to concentrate on, we determine the strategy of general project type. For instance, some batik groups are just perfect for a roll-up, and if we have a roll-up, we'll want a roll-up friendly pattern to complement it. On the other hand, some print collections have a panel design, which might require the writing of a custom free pattern. At the same time, other collections may be better suited for an accessory or apparel pattern.

We then try to find the perfect pattern for each collection. Finding the perfect pattern could mean working with the right designer to develop a completely custom free pattern, or partnering with the right pattern company to feature our fabrics in their existing designer patterns. We often have our go-to companies for certain pattern types -- for instance, when looking for roll-up patterns, we often think first of Cozy Quilt Designs, home of the Strip Club patterns.

After pairing up each collection with the right pattern designer, we then work with the pattern designer to apply our fabric to theirn pattern, and voila! We have another fabulous project to use with the newest Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Right now, we are finishing up the July patterns, and we've decided to include you all in the process! We would love some feedback on this new in-house collection, Pen & Ink:

Which pattern would you like to see in these fabrics? Leave us a comment here, or check out our Pen & Ink Facebook album and LIKE the pattern you love most!