Swinging with Seuss

On the way into the office a few mornings ago we spotted this handmade hammock crafted by some of our very own warehouse employees!

Fabric comes in from the mills rolled on long tubes just wider than the width of the fabric. When the fabric is folded onto bolts, sometimes there are just a few inches of fabric left (such as when the total yards on the roll isn't a perfect multiple of 15).

Using scraps of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, he created this adult size hammock by knotting them together in a diamond-weave pattern. With the temp reaching a sunny 70 degrees at 9am this morning, this is just in time for summer!! He even took the time to color coordinate - how fun!

We did a little searching and found some instructions for you to make your very own hammock for those lounge-y summer days...

Snow Fence Woven Hammock at ReadyMade via Craftzine

Blanket Hammock at Apartment Therapy

Stiched or No-Sew Hammock at Outside Mom


Happy Sewing!