A Little Birdie Told Me... all about Quilt Backs

Do you think about the back of your quilt?

Do you buy extra fabric at the start for the back?... or wait till you are done?

The back of a quilt can be forgotten space... but it doesn't have to be!  You can make a simple quilt back from one fabric pieced large enough or you can get creative.  I've done a range of things with the backs of my quilts.

The number one thing I do these days is that I piece my label into the back. Unfortunately quilts do get lost sometimes or even stolen.  Thieves will remove the label if possible to hide the original creator's identity.  By piecing the label into the backing & then having the quilting done it is impossible to remove the label without making a hole in the back of the quilt.

All of the quilts shown below were quilted by Angela Walters.  If you send your quilts to a long arm quilter check with your quilter first as some do not like working with pieced backs.  I try my best to make my backs have "wiggle room" in regards to size and never place my label too close to an edge where it might end up getting cut off.

I have a full tutorial on my blog for printing your own custom labels with spoonflower.  By printing my labels ahead of time I always have them when needed & they already have all my basic contact info on them.

I picked the photo above on purpose to show you that the fabric from spoonflower is not a white white.  The fabric on the sides of the label is the white from Pure Organic.  When the label is not placed next to a white white fabric you don't see the yellow hint as much.


The back of Pink Chopsticks.  I used a mix of Quilter's Linen and some of the extra fabric I had from making the quilt top.  It's scrappy and was a good solution since I didn't have enough of any one fabric. 


The back of Blue Chopsticks is simple.  I put a small frame of Quilter's Linen around my label and pieced the rest of the back from one fabric.


I went with a horizontal stripe across the back of Hugs & Kisses.  The quilt is also bound in the same teal as the backing.  In order to make sure I'd have enough for binding I cut the binding fabric first and set it aside.


I made a second Blue Chopsticks for the Robert Kaufman Quilt Market booth.  This time I chose a lighter print and did a horizontal stripe of the blue dot. I also framed the label in teal. {Now I just need to get this bound asap!}


The back of Carnival is very scrappy.  I used a mix of the extra binding, background, layer cake & border fabrics to create a blue & white mix.


The back of Unwind is one of my favorites.  I just adore this green print.  I added a stripe of blue and white that also happens to match my logo perfectly.


Kona Crush is a favorite fabric of mine & I used it here on most of the back.  The label is framed in scraps from the front.


This is the back of Plaid Parade.  I framed the label in the same brown used as sashing on the front and put it into a horizontal white bar.


Using scraps from the front I created a coin strip for Off the Rail.  I placed my label somewhat in the middle of the strip & picked two fabrics for the remainder of the back.


Robert Kaufman also wanted Off the Rail for their booth so with the help of Candi I now have twin quilts... or the fronts are twins at least.  For the second Off the Rail back I framed the label in a green print and offset it to the side in a horizontal stripe.


The last back I have to share today is my Raspberry Dessert quilt.  I wanted something simple but still wanted the label pieced in and somewhat near the center.  I decided on a light pink vertical stripe with a bit of detail near the label.


I know making pieced quilt backs can be a scary thing for those that don't like math, but I promise it isn't that hard.  I'm almost done with a tutorial that includes a few ways to make one and it'll be posted on my blog this weekend.

While I finish the tutorial... I want to know what you do right now?

Do you piece your backs?

Do you piece your labels into them?

Do you do something totally different that I haven't mentioned?

Let me know!


Also... If you are coming to Quilt Market be sure to stop by Booth #2644 to see these quilts in person!


I'll be back on May 13th with A Little Birdie Told Me!

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