Blog Tour - Scrap Republic by Emily Cier

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We're the lucky last stop on the Scrap Republic blog tour and we're so excited to be a part! In case you haven't been following along, Scrap Republic is Emily's second book, following Quilt Remix, where she served up 10 traditional quilt favorites with a fun, non-traditional twist. So here we are, talking about her second book, and it hasn't even been a year since the first was released! Emily, do you ever sleep?? ;)

Since the book is based on color, specifically ROY G. BIV, each stop on the tour was assigned a specific color. Being the last stop, we're excited to get to play with Violet! If you click that link, you'll find a very wordy, slightly confusing description of violet as a color, but for us we'll just use violet to refer to all shades of purple. (Easier, no?)

We noticed violet making a comeback in fashion & fabrics and have come up with a few new lines to answer that trend. Check out Sorrento, a gorgeous Artisan Batik line of violets and neutrals. The Garden colorstory of Amanda Murphy's Veranda collection was very violet-focused. And, just for the tour and our wonderful readers, here are two sneak peeks at upcoming violet lines that won't hit stores until 2012, Grandeur 2 & Amy Schimler's latest, Fly Away!


Ok, ok, on to the good stuff! Scrap Republic is a serious must-have for any color-obsessed quilter - and really aren't we all! We've all got a scrap stash somewhere - even if we don't know it! Obvious scraps are the bits of fabric leftover from our finished projects, but they can be anything from stray charm squares to that super-thin strip of our fave fabric that we just can't toss. Here in our warehouse, we gather HUGE BAGS of scraps daily from our sales sample-making.

Emily offers a ton of ideas for scraps from storage to sorting, to uses beyond quilt tops! Scrappy backing or applique anyone? She's even included quilting ideas that help make your scraps stand out - so clever! The eight projects range in size and style, so there is sure to be a favorite for every quilter! And if scraps aren't your thing, she's gone ahead and listed yardage requirements for more planned versions of each design. (The yardage version of "Volume" in the book is made from our very own Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets and we think it's pretty awesome.) All of the layout diagrams are color-coded there's even a chart for the trickier fabric sorting that needs to happen making these projects pretty fool-proof!

Now here's the goods! Comment on this post for a chance to win one of the following!

- Scrap Republic from C&T Publishing -- printed version for US residents, PDF for international

- Scrap Republic Eco Tote from C&T Publishing -- US residents only

- Bag o' Scraps from Robert Kaufman -- US and International

- ROY G BIV Essential Cotton Thread in Red, Pumpkin, Butter, Lime, Cerulean, Midnight, and Red Violet from Connecting Threads -- US residents only

- Mrs. Roy G. Biv Pattern from Carolina Patchworks (the pattern that inspired the book!) -- US and International

And don't forget to take a look back at all the previous stops, some of their giveaways are still open, too!!

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october 7th - yellow
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october 8th - green
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october 9th - blue
scott hansen - blue nickel studios

october 10th - indigo {grouped with black/brown/grey in the book}
john adams - quilt dad

october 11th - violet/purple
allie heath - robert kaufman

{Comments will be closed Friday, October 14, and winners announced shortly after.}