A Little Birdie Told Me... All about square quilting

I love books.  In this ever changing digital world when more and more information is communicated without paper I find myself holding on to books. To me nothing compares to holding a book in your hand and turning a page.
Recently I came across Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts by Boo Davis. This book is fun to read and the quilts are entertaining. Think rock music meets quilting which results in fresh new looks. It is well written and the patterns are easy to follow. Below are some of my favorites from the book.
One note about construction instructions in the book: The directions in the book do tell you to do the binding by machine. Personally I don't agree and I think double-fold binding sewn by machine and then to the back by hand is the way to go. It leaves a clean look to the project.
The book is broken up into a few sections and this one caught my eye.
The projects are graphic and since they aren't quilts you can get them done in a weekend. 
I was especially attracted to these place-mats and the matching table runner shown above.
To make a set I used a Ten Square of Night & Day with some solid Kona Coal and Snow. Also I chose the black and grey stripe from New Traditions for bias binding.
I started with the table runner. It's about half done and should be finished by the end of the weekend. Let me warn you it is very long! 72" long!
Like I said this project goes together really fast and before I knew it I had one place-mat done. The other 3 are in various stages of quilting.
I follwed Boo's simple quilting plan. Blue painter's tape makes sewing straight lines that aren't along a seam easy.
The pattern has you cut the binding from the same fabric as the outside of the place-mat. I decided not to use the grey for binding and use a stripe cut on the bias and I love the result.
Have you checked out Dare to Be Square Quilting yet?
Do you have a favorite Quilt book?
I'll be back on January 21st with A Little Birdie Told Me!
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