A Little Birdie Told Me... that color can change everything!

I've always known that color plays such an important role in the design of a quilt. Despite knowing this, it wasn't until I had a copy of City Quilts in my hand that I really began to see the possibilities. Cherri House really hit a home run with her book. All of the quilts are designed using solid fabrics. Often we focus on the pattern of a print and we don't give enough attention to the color and how it plays with the design. Working with solids eliminates that factor!
Cherri also has done a few blog posts on color options and shows how it changes the entire feel of the quilt.
City Quilts by Cherri House for Stash Books
One of my favorite quilts from the book is City Green. It's a beautiful quilt inspired by the "green" in Texas that can be seen when walking around one of the many parks.  
City Green
The first project I made from the City Green pattern was a pillow. I used a variety of Blue, Brown, Kacki and more in my fabric selection. Instead of solids I used Quilter's Linen prints and Kona Crush.
City Blue Pillow that I made for the Pillow Talk Swap for my partner Heather
A few tips
1. Use good tools. Put in a new rotary blade and fresh needle.
2. Be accurate, it really really counts when working with solids!
3. Press & Pin. I don't always follow the rule of P&P, but when working with such a structured design and with solid fabrics it pays off.

As Cherri once told me "Take the time to do it right, so you will have a quilt you love, and are happy with."

In Cherri's version of City Green the squares appear to glow off of the dark sashing. I wanted to put a different spin on things and see what would happen if I made all the sashing white. 
City Purple



fabric is Robert Kaufman

pattern - City Green from City Quilts

designed by Cherri House

quilted by me

started on 9/23/2010

finished on 9/24/2010

quilt measures - 50" x 55"

{ made in under 24 hours }   

For the Purples/Greys
I used 8 colors of Kona Solids
Petal, Thistle, Coal, Medium Grey, Purple, Berry, Hibiscus, & Eggplant
Purple Quilter's Linen Print - ETJ-9864-6
Lavender Kona Crush - K041-1189
I used Kona Snow for the sashing, border and binding.
Cherri used an allover quilting pattern for City Green. For City Purple I did straight line quilting using white thread through the middle of each sashing.
I pieced my backing using Purple and Medium Grey. I also pieced in one of my labels.
I piece my label into my backing for two reasons. First I like the look of a pieced backing. Second is because the quilting will go through the label and make it almost impossible to be removed.
I love how the purple turned out! I may just make this quilt in every color. This photo is before I washed the quilt.
This is after being washed!  I love how quilts shrink up and get the "crinkle" look to them.
One last note... I did not pre-wash any of my fabrics. Overall with a very few exceptions I stopped pre-washing fabrics a few years ago. It is a personal decision and neither is right or wrong. I did not experience any of the purples bleeding onto the white or any other light colors.
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I'll be back on October 8th!
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