A Wonderful Thank You from a Tour Group and More...

We always get excited when people are interested enough in what we do to ask for a tour because, really, what could be a bigger compliment than that? A few days ago, we were fortunate enough to meet a number of students from El Camino College who stopped by Robert Kaufman. And they got a pretty good overview of each department - from design to customer service, and even the shipping warehouse. By the end of the day, we could see that this group, which was the largest we've come across in recent memory, was as happy to be here as we were to have them.

However, they went above and beyond a usual "thank you" when, the following day, they sent us a wonderful poster documenting their experience. That just made us feel really great, and we wanted to respond by saying that they, and any other group that wants a tour, are always welcome at Robert Kaufman.

Planning a Visit to Robert Kaufman Fabrics?
We have just a few guidelines that need to be followed while scheduling a tour. To begin with, dates for tours are on a first come first served basis, so you should leave more than one date open before contacting us. Also, tour groups cannot exceed 25 people, and there are no open-toed shoes or loose clothing that can get caught on machinery allowed. And lastly, parking is very limited, so carpooling might be necessary depending on the size of your group. Other than that,  those educational professionals and such who wish to schedule a tour need only contact our customer service manager Sandie at smccann@robertkaufman.com. We'd be happy to have you.