Caleb Gray - A Sketch Profile

Describe your background in design. How did you get started? Was there someone in particular who motivated you?
Even as a kid, I was always doodling and creating. When I was very little, I used crayons to autograph some nice, clean walls at home. After directing me toward paper instead, my parents encouraged me to participate in tons of art shows, poster contests, and a very fun annual design-an-ad campaign. So I always knew art would be in my future.

Have you always been an illustrator? What else have you done?

When I started my Fine Art degree, I already knew I wanted to gear my work toward illustration. At the time though, I thought illustration was pretty much limited to children’s books. Luckily, I also had some college internships that showed me other opportunities for a creative career. In New York City I worked at a Disney animation studio that gave me an excellent foundation in character design and expression. Next, I started working with C.R. Gibson constructing mock-ups. Soon I was promoted to in house Designer, and learned a lot of technical skills like how to set up files for production, capitalize on trends, and deal with deadlines. So seeing all these new possibilities for art, I was able to take what I had learned on the job, combine it with my art background and begin illustrating full time.

What is your favorite part of design process?
It’s always pretty fun to watch each piece develop organically. Of course I have a rough idea of what I want to do as I sketch out the initial concept. When I start to create it on the computer though, it begins to evolve and by the time I get to laying out the final composition and perfecting color, the work has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s exciting and a little scary, because I’m never quite sure where it will take me!

How do you become inspired and how does that translate into your designs?
Inspiration can come from lots of different things like imagery or color combinations, but also movement and music. Anything fun. I really enjoy adding my own twist on any ideas that come my way and hopefully that same fun feeling translates into my work.

Would you like to give some sneak peek information on what you have coming up in your designs?
My favorite work is bright and fun with a nostalgic vibe, and one thing that’s always fun is pets! So one recent collection features these adorable animals and their shenanigans. You can see a few images from the collection on my website,, is always being updated with new designs and also announces my latest products when they debut in stores.