Kona Dimensions - Care and Use Tips

This evolution of the Kona® brand is a custom 100% cotton oval jacquard in 28 solid colors. Look for this fabric to start arriving in stores this June. This new fabrication presents texture and tangible dimension for patchwork quiltmaking, and it is also the perfect quality for making bags, clothing, and accessories. To quote Margrit Hall, "I love the feel and texture of the fabric. It has the look and feel of sateen and would give a luxurious look to any finshed product." With the release of this incredibly useful fabric, we thought it would help to publish some quick "how-to-use" and care tips for all our fans. So let's begin:

First off, here's some technical info you may need to know before you buy: Kona® Dimensions is 44” wide and 4.8 oz. per square yard.

Fabric Properties
1.  Fabric does not bleed when washed. We tested both medium and dark colors and were successful with both.

2.  If prewashing, use cool to warm water and launder finished item in the same temperature as the prewash water temperature. Use a cool to warm temperature dryer setting.

3.  Fraying is minimal and the fabric does not slide when cutting or sewing, making the fabric an optimal choice for patchwork.

4.  Press with a cotton setting, but note that heat temporarilty changes the color.

Sewing Tips & Notes
1.  A size 12/80 sharp needle used with 100% cotton 50 weight thread works well. A 50 weight poly thread also sews well on this fabric.

2.  A size 14/90 sharp or quilting needle used with 100% cotton 40 weight thread is great for top stitching or for quilting.

3.  If using metallic thread use a 12/80 metallic needle. The hole in the needle is larger to keep the thread from fraying.

4.  If possible press seams open when sewing as this will reduce bulk.