Designer Profile: Kelle Boyd of Ann Kelle Designs

Last week designer Kelle Boyd held a photo shoot to show off her latest fabric creations, Sophie Flannel and Metro Market. The pictures taken were so colorful and some of the most vibrant photos we've ever seen. Kelle captured her collections in just the right manner. We decided to ask her a few questions so our fans can get to know this talented woman a little better. Enjoy the interview.

Discuss how you don’t necessarily come from a textile background but how important design and color are to you and your life.
I don't have a background in textile, but design and color is something that comes naturally to me.  As a child I was always drawing or coloring. I remember being nine-years old and loving to design children's clothes and wedding dresses; I would actually carry around the sketches in my backpack. I've always be drawn towards bright and bold colors; anything that is cheery. I love how color can completely change your mood or brighten your day. When it's a rainy day, I'll be the one in a bright yellow raincoat.
Discuss how your patterns work well on fabrics.
People kept telling me that my designs should be on fabric. When I received my fabric samples in the mail, I thought "they were right!"  It's neat to see how the different designs play off one another in fabric. The bold, funky vines alongside the simple floral pattern mixed with dainty flowers makes for a pretty unique quilt.
Discuss your thoughts on the development of the line of fabrics: How did the designs come together? What is your thought of the final product?
Sophie flannel is such a sweet and bright collection. When putting together the collection, we wanted a collection of designs that worked well for babies all the way to teens.

Any hints into what you are thinking for another fabric line?
I'm super excited about my next line.  Hints: Playful, bold graphics
The photo shoot looks amazing. The backgrounds are simply striking and really expose the color of the line. Whose idea was this and where were the photos shot?
I wanted to have the photos taken outside with green grass. The only problem was that it was the end of winter; so "green grass" wasn't really easy to come by. But, my photography friend, Angela Crutcher, knew of a buttercup field in the country that bloomed the first part of every March.  So, that's where we held the shoot. I was able to get the green grass; the yellow buttercups were icing on the cake. That's the thing about living in Tennessee, there's all kinds of awesome landscapes in the back-country roads.
Have you heard any reactions to your line as of yet? What have been some of the responses?
My family and friends love the fabric. Many of my friends are soon-to-be parents or new moms and they all have plans to incorporate the fabric in their little girl's room, so that's pretty cool. 

You can view the results of her photoshoot here:

Metro Market: