Say Hello to Little Kukla!


Introducing Little Kukla, the newest collection by designer Suzy Ultman! We absolutely LOVE this line - the nesting dolls, colorful towers, and not to mention the playful birds and flowers...adorable!


We are just now starting to send these fabrics out to shops, so you can expect to start seeing them within the coming days. And we're excited to say that one print will also be available in Slicker laminate - perfect for raincoats, aprons, and more!

We think Little Kukla would look totally great in any kind of project, from apparel and bags to pillows and (of course) quilts. If you visited our booth at Quilt Market this past spring or have been following us on Twitter, you might recognize this pretty little quilt:

Designed and sewn by Ramona Rose.


If you'd like to make this quilt, be sure to check back this Friday, August 24th for a full tutorial right here on our blog!


Fresco Giveaway Winner!


Time to announce the winner! We had some fabulous participation in this giveaway, so thank you to all who entered! Sadly, there can be only one winner this time around, so say congratulations to Pamela, who wrote this comment on August 10th:

"The kiwi and marigold that reminds me of my flower garden. Would look great in a table runner for my dining room along with some other fabrics I bought during Ohio Shop Hop last month. OH YEAH!!!!" 





Pamela will receive a roll-up of all the new colors from the Fresco collection by Patrick Lose! So yummy!

We will be contacting Pamela shortly via email.

Once again, thank you all for participating, and please come back again soon for more news, company updates, and (of course) giveaways!

Giveaway: Fresco New Colors!

Have you seen the new colors of Fresco by Patrick Lose? Well we were drooling over them earlier today (no not literally - that would be gross), and we suddenly thought, "Hey! Our readers would probably LOVE to get their hands on some of this!"

That's how it happens sometimes - beautiful colors just make us super happy, and often times that equals GIVEAWAY!

So would you like a chance to win this roll-up of new Fresco colors?


To enter, just leave us a comment below telling us which of the colors you'd be most excited to use! Here's a good view of all the new colors included in the roll-up:

You can see these and all of the other Fresco colors on our website here. And if you have the time, you should hop over to Patrick's Facebook page and give him a big LIKE to show your appreciation! You can also follow him on Twitter @patricklose to receive all kinds of updates.

This giveaway will stay open until Monday, August 13, at which point we will randomly choose one lucky winner to take home the prize. Good luck to you all!

Our Day at Quilt Festival

Last Friday, we spent the day at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA and had an absolute blast!

The first thing we noticed when we walked in: It was SUPER crowded! Bustling attendance, packed booths, excited groups of friends all abuzz with creative inspiration. It was great!

A few of our favorite folks were there, including Julie Herman from Jaybird Quilts.

Julie Herman (left) with our Marketing Manager, Allie Heath (right)


She did some fabulous demos of her new Hex N More ruler using our Kona Cotton Solids.

Needless to say, her booth was PACKED!

We also saw Daniella Stout of Cozy Quilts and the popular Strip Club patterns (She's the mastermind behind the majority of our batik rollup-friendly quilts) as well as Beyond the Reef and Dragon Lady Quilts, both of which are worth checking out.

One of our favorite patterns we saw at the show was Ginger Stalks from Beyond the Reef.

Walking the floor, we noticed that Kona Cotton was very popular and seemed to be the solid of choice for many booths. Hunter's Design Studio in particular showcased Kona brilliantly with these clever quilts by Sam Hunter:


We saw a lot of batik quilts, including this stunner from A Quilter's Dream featuring Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios:

Some other collections were popping up in many booths as well. The Quilt 'n Things booth featured a wonderful quilt made from Darlene Zimmerman's Sweet Daisy Dreams pattern using her Lazy Daisy Baskets collection.

And there were a lot of quilts made with Seuss fabric, including this one from the Sisters' Quilting Trunk booth:

And then there was the quilt exhibit - so many AMAZING show quilts! Our jaws just dropped at the intricate piecework of some, photorealism achieved by others, and the sheer display of masterful artistry by all.

We wish we had more pictures to show, but we didn't want to disobey all of the "No Photography" signs. Just believe us when we say, "It was awesome!"

Overall, we had a great time and were very impressed by everything we saw. It was really cool seeing so many enthusiastic quilters gathering in one place, and now we're really looking forward to the next one!

We're also curious to hear what other people thought - Did you attend Quilt Festival? What were your impressions?

Quilted Love panel quilt

Our new Love collection will be in stores this fall (November, to be exact), and it includes a full 1yd panel. We wanted to come up with a super simple project to help show off the Love panel that could also be used with any favorite 1yd feature fabric.


Finished quilt measures 43” x 51”


Panel print (1yd)

Inner border (1/3yd)

Outer border & binding (1yd)



  • Trim your panel (or 1yd feature print) to 32” x 39”.
  • From the inner border print, cut 4 strips 2-1/2” x WOF.
  • From the outer border print cut 5 strips 4” x WOF for the outer border. Cut 5 strips 2-1/4” x WOF for the binding.



  • Attach one of each inner border strip to the sides of the panel, trimming the strips as necessary to match the panel cut. Then attach the top & bottom inner borders in the same manner. The panel with inner border should measure about 36-1/2” x 43-1/2”.


  • Take your outer border strips and sew them together, end to end, using a diagonal seam. (Julie @ Jaybird Quilts goes over this method in her binding tutorial here. Just scroll down to the “How to Piece Straight of Grain Binding”, which outlines the same process.)


  • Attach the left and right outer border pieces first, then the top and bottom, working from the long border strip and cutting as you go.


  • Piece the binding strips together, end to end, as you did above.



  • Once your top is all quilted up, attach the binding and you’re all set! Here's an example of a finished version, pieced by Ramona Burke and quilted by Angela Walters.


This super simple tutorial could be used with any fun feature print and small coordinates. We think Lesley Grainger’s Vroom collection would make a super fun version for a little boy – we’ll share pics soon!

London Calling Quilt Tutorial by Ramona Burke {Guest Post}

Super-talented seamstress Ramona Burke recently made a fabulous baby quilt using our London Calling line and has graciously put together a step-by-step tutorial for you all! Here are her instructions in her own words:


This quilt is mostly large pieces of fabric, so that the softness of the lawn, and the delicacy of the prints can be fully appreciated... There is a teeny bit of waste, but if you scroll down to the bottom, I’ll offer suggestions for how to use the scraps up too.

Working with Lawn: This fabric is lighter and slightly more delicate than regular quilting cotton, but still strong (not whispy/gauzey like voile, it won’t fray like crazy). I thought I’d need to use a lightweight needle, (70/10), but I didn’t have any on hand, so I just used a fresh, sharp 80/12, and it worked perfectly. I did use a bucket load of starch, but that was more to do with the bias than with the fabric. All the seam lines are straight, though, so as long as you use starch, and cut straight on the grain at the beginning, you’ll LOVE the soft and strong combination of lawn. 



Fabric Requirements:

⅝ yards each of 2 directional fabrics for block centers (Fabrics A ZVK-12679-192 SPRING  and B ZVK-12680-192 SPRING )

⅓ yard Dusty Pink Cambridge Solid (C322-180)

⅜ yard each of 2 small print fabrics for block corners (Fabrics C ZVK-12678-192 SPRING and D ZVK-12681-192 SPRING )

½ yard White Cambridge Solid (C322-1387)

⅔ yard Rafia Cambridge Solid (C322-1306)

2 yards Cambridge Solid of choice for backing (used Dusty Pink)

⅓ yard print of choice for binding (used ZVK-12680-192 SPRING)

(also need crib sized batting of your choice)



Fabric A&B (center of blocks): from each, cut 6 squares 10.5” with the grain. These squares will be cut down to 7.5” diamonds in the first step. Starch and iron them square.

Inner Solid (pink): Cut 11 strips 1” x WOF, then sub-cut into 24 strips 7.5” long, 24 strips 8.5” long.

Fabrics C&D (block corners): from each, cut 12 squares 6.75”, starch and iron, then cut each square diagonally into 2 right triangles. (for a total of 48 triangles).

Outer Solid (white): Cut 16 strips 1” x WOF, subcut into 24 strips 11.75” long, 24 strips 12.75” long

Sashing: Cut 11 strips 2” x WOF, subcut 6 into 16 strips 12.75” long, save the remaining 5 for horizontal sashing

The quilt is made of 1 block, in 2 different fabric combinations. The directions are for fabric A and C, but you’ll make 6 A/C blocks, and then 6 B/D blocks.


1. Take a fabric A square, starch and iron it, and then fold it in half and half again (making a small square). Carefully cut off the corner of your square to make a 7.5” diamond (If your fabric is non-directional, you could skip this step, and just cut 7.5” squares, but the lovely orchid fabric is directional, and worth this extra step. Save your cut off triangles for the extra project!)



2. Sew short pink strips to opposite sides of your square, making sure the bias doesn’t stretch (the pink should be straight of grain, so it won’t stretch, so just feed both fabrics evenly into your sewing machine.)



3. Press seams toward the pink, 



then attach the longer (8.5”) strips to the remaining sides of the square, again, being careful not to stretch the bias. Press seams toward the pink.



4. Fold your square into a smaller square again, and press the folds so they’ll be guides for the next step.



5. Take your fabric C triangles, and fold them in ½, then use the guide folds on the square to center a triangle along a side.



There will be overhang! Sew triangles on opposite sides of the square. 



Here again, be careful not to stretch the bias (print is biased, solid is straight grain) as you sew.


6. Press seams toward the pink, but try to leave your fold guides visible. 



Repeat step 5 for the remaining sides, again using the fold guides to center C triangles onto the square.



7. Trim off your little corner bits,



and press all the seams toward the pink.



All your bias sewing is done!


8. As in steps 2-3, sew your  shorter white strips to 2 sides of the square, then sew the longer strips to the remaining sides. To keep the white looking white, press the seams toward the print.


9. Make 5 more blocks the same way (with fabrics A/C), then make 6 more blocks with fabrics B/D, for a total of 12 blocks.



10. Sash each block vertically, into 4 rows of 3 blocks, then sew the rows together with the long strips of sashing horizontally.



11. Quilt and bind as desired! (Sample quilt was hand quilted using Valdani perle cotton with a simple running stitch in the solid white and pink strips only, then bound with remaining B fabric, backing was pink solid).



(BONUS project)

Sew your leftover triangles A and B together into squares, pressing seams toward the darker print. Cut off the dangling triangle bits.



Use scraps of Pink or White solids to sash the blocks, then use extra Rafia to add a border all around. Quilt as desired, and make a mug rug or throw pillow. (you could make 6 blocks like this from your triangle scraps.)



Just to test the ease of sewing lawn, I used up my square scraps by combining them with different weights of fabrics. I sewed them into a block with Kona solids (mustard and pomegranate),



I sewed the bonus block with Essex Linen (in Coral),



and I free-motion-quilted an all lawn block.



Each time, the lawn played well with others. No fraying or stretching (except on the bias edges, as any fabric will). I also made my daughter a dress with some of the lawn in a different colorway, and she has worn it (and I’ve washed it) numerous times, and it’s standing up to all that a 3 year old can throw at it with grace and beauty. This lawn is TOTALLY my new favorite fabric.

We Love Color Grand Prize Winner!

We're so excited to announce the winner of the We Love Color grand prize! This tour has been a truly fantastic experience thanks to the enthusiastic participation of Stash Books, the wonderful quilt designers, and all of you who followed along!

224 people listed the designers' favorite colors correctly. In case you were wondering, these are the answers we were looking for:

Stash Books: Iron

Valori Wells: Azure

Kajsa Wikman: Candy Pink

Modern Quilt Studio (Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr): Aloe

Cherri House: Cerise

Amy Ellis: Midnight

Rita Hodge: Sprout

Jacquie Gering: Pale Flesh

Emily Cier: Aqua

Malka Dubrawsky: Pistachio

Betz White: Lime

Lisa Call: Slate

Jean Wells: Lime

Elizabeth Hartman: Flame

Alissa Haight Carlton: Butterscotch

Kathy Mack: Hyacinth

Thanks to everyone who entered, but alas, there can be only one winner. We assigned each correct entry a number and then randomly selected one lucky winner, so (imaginary drum-roll, please) the winner of the Grand Prize is...

Jacklynn Grimm!!

Congratulations!!! Jacklynn will receive a We Love Color-themed Bounty of Basics box containing 100 Kona FQ, and we've decided to also throw in a free Kona color card (new colors included) and a copy of the book!

We will be notifying Jacklynn via email shortly.

Those of you who did not win, thank you so much for participating! And don't worry - with your help, this blog tour went extremely well, so we will definitely be having more cool giveaways and such in the near future.

If you have not yet gotten your hands on a copy of We Love Color, it is currently available for purchase online and in quilt shops.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!


We Love Color Grand Prize Giveaway!

It's finally that time! The Grand Prize Giveaway is here! For the last few weeks we've given you a sneak peek at We Love Color, the fabulous new book published by Stash Books, featuring 16 iconic quilt designers who used nothing but Kona Cotton Solids!

Before we get to the giveaway, we just wanted to say a huge, gigantic THANK YOU to Stash Books and all of the designers for sharing their work and inspirations! And of course, thank you to all of the readers who followed along and made each stop on the blog tour such a success!

Now to the giveaway: Just leave us a comment containing a complete list of every designer's FAVORITE Kona color. This will require you to go back and read each designer's post to ensure that you get the correct answers. Here is the complete list of tour stops:


June 1st - Stash Books:

June 4th - Valori Wells:

June 6th - Kajsa Wikman:

June 8th - Modern Quilt Studio (Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr):

June 11th - Cherri House:

June 13th - Amy Ellis:

June 15th - Rita Hodge:

June 18th - Jacquie Gering:

June 20th - Emily Cier:

June 22nd - Malka Dubrawsky:

June 25th - Betz White:

June 27th - Lisa Call:

June 29th - Jean Wells:

July 2nd - Elizabeth Hartman:

July 4th - Alissa Haight Carlton:

July 6th - Kathy Mack:


Each designer was also asked to introduce one of the new Kona colors. To be clear, this is not the information we want. Just the "favorite" or "go-to" Kona colors. (Hint: Rita's favorite color is also the new color she mentions).

Those who list the colors correctly will be eligible for the Grand Prize, a We Love Color-themed Bounty of Basics Box containing 100 fat quarter pieces of the top 50 colors used in the book! The deadline to enter is this Friday, July 13.

We wish you all good luck on your scavenger hunt, and once again, thank you for participating! And remember, our We Love Color Flickr group is open to anyone who would like to share the projects they've made using this awesome book!

New Designer Pattern!

Last week, we gave you a little taste of the quilt design process and asked you to help us choose one of three beautiful patterns from Pattern Basket to apply our new Pen & Ink fabric collection to. So THANK YOU to all who gave us their input!

The results were pretty close, but after taking all of your opinions into account, we've decided to go with the quilt that had the most votes, Buttercream! We think it fits perfectly with the Pen & Ink fabrics:

Spring colorstory


Garden colorstory


You can find Buttercream and many other patterns for sale in the Pattern Basket online shop. And keep your eyes peeled for the Pen & Ink collection, which will be available for purchase in shops this September!

Behind the Scenes: Quilt Design

This July, we will be releasing over 700 new fabrics that will be appearing in quilt shops this fall. These quarterly releases generate a flurry of activity here in the Robert Kaufman offices. A major component to these releases is the development of quilt projects to promote our designer and studio collections.

Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at the process:

First, we focus on select collections. This entails sorting through the 40 or so groups that are scheduled for release and keeping it organized with all kinds of spreadsheets and notes and such -- as you can see, it tends to get a bit messy :)

Once we have the list of fabrics to concentrate on, we determine the strategy of general project type. For instance, some batik groups are just perfect for a roll-up, and if we have a roll-up, we'll want a roll-up friendly pattern to complement it. On the other hand, some print collections have a panel design, which might require the writing of a custom free pattern. At the same time, other collections may be better suited for an accessory or apparel pattern.

We then try to find the perfect pattern for each collection. Finding the perfect pattern could mean working with the right designer to develop a completely custom free pattern, or partnering with the right pattern company to feature our fabrics in their existing designer patterns. We often have our go-to companies for certain pattern types -- for instance, when looking for roll-up patterns, we often think first of Cozy Quilt Designs, home of the Strip Club patterns.

After pairing up each collection with the right pattern designer, we then work with the pattern designer to apply our fabric to theirn pattern, and voila! We have another fabulous project to use with the newest Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Right now, we are finishing up the July patterns, and we've decided to include you all in the process! We would love some feedback on this new in-house collection, Pen & Ink:

Which pattern would you like to see in these fabrics? Leave us a comment here, or check out our Pen & Ink Facebook album and LIKE the pattern you love most!

Announcing the Fabric8 Contest Winner!

It's finally time to announce the winner of the Fabric8 Design Contest from Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman! But before we do that, we just wanted to say 'thank you' to all eight finalists. Each of them submitted some truly stunning work, and picking just one favorite was certainly not an easy task for everyone who voted. You can see all of the finalists' designs in Spoonflower's Flickr set.

After tallying all of your votes, we offer the biggest of congratulations to Andie Hanna, who designed the Painted Petals collection!

You can see these and the rest of Andie's wonderful designs at her Spoonflower shop. And make sure to check out her Fabric8 profile to learn more about her artistic journey!

As the Fabric8 winner, Andie will be offered a contract with us along with a $1000 advance against royalties and a Wacom professional digital drawing tablet!

We will start developing her commercial fabric line this summer, and we'll be having a sneak peek of the finished designs at Fall 2012 Quilt Market in Houston.

The collection will be officially released in January 2013 and will ship out to stores some time in the first quarter of next year.

For those who are interested in how this whole thing works, stay tuned! We will be posting regular updates to give you all a glimpse into the process of designing and producing a professional fabric line.

We will also be hosting more giveaways and contests dedicated to Andie's fabric line over the next nine months or so, so stay posted!

We Love Color Blog Tour Schedule

The We Love Color blog tour is in full swing! Stop by the following blogs on the dates indicated to get inspired by color and discover why this book is a must-have for any quilter. And remember, this tour is a scavenger hunt! Lots of fantastic prizes along the way, too!


June 1st - Stash Books:

June 4th - Valori Wells:

June 6th - Kajsa Wikman:

June 8th - Modern Quilt Studio (Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr):

June 11th - Cherri House:

June 13th - Amy Ellis:

June 15th - Rita Hodge:

June 18th - Jacquie Gering:

June 20th - Emily Cier:

June 22nd - Malka Dubrawsky:

June 25th - Betz White:

June 27th - Lisa Call:

June 29th - Jean Wells:

July 2nd - Elizabeth Hartman:

July 4th - Alissa Haight Carlton:

July 6th - Kathy Mack:

July 9th - Robert Kaufman Fabrics:


On July 9th, we will be hosting our Grand Prize Giveaway. To enter, you will need to provide us with a complete list of every contributor's favorite Kona color, so be on the lookout for that whenever you visit a stop on the tour. Have fun and get inspired! And don't forget to join our We Love Color Flickr group, where anyone can share the quilts they make using the book.

Final Grab-A-Fab Winner

Today is the day we announce the winner of the final Grab-A-Fab giveaway. But before we get to that, we just wanted to say 'thank you' to the talented Lesley Grainger for working with us and to all of you readers out there for participating. It's been an absolute blast!

And without further delay, the sixth and final winner is...

Jpike, who wrote this comment on June 6th:

"Love Love Love the fabrics!!! Thanks for having such a great contest!"


For all those who didn't win, don't fret! We've got all kinds of cool things planned for the near future. And remember, the We Love Color blog tour is still going strong, with many chances to win prizes along the way (including bundles of the New Kona Colors)!

So until next time, thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back soon :)

Grab-A-Fab Wednesday - Week 6

Today is the 6th and final Grab-A-Fab giveaway, and we just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated. It's been tons of fun!

This week, you once again have a chance to win a free fat quarter bundle of Pretty Paisley Flannel (Garden colorstory). Totally swoon-worthy, right?

Just leave a comment below to enter. We'll announce the winner on Monday. And don't forget, Lesley Grainger is hosting the same giveaway, so be sure to stop by her blog to double your chances of winning!

EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge


The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild has partnered with EZ Quiting to sponsor a new quilt challenge that celebrates none other than our very own Darlene Zimmerman! Not only is our favorite Feedsack Lady a talented fabric designer and reproduction fabric know-it-all, but she also designs quilting templates and rulers for EZ Quilting. In fact—it's her 20th Anniversary!

Show your support for Darlene and Robert Kaufman Fabrics by participating in the EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge. Hop on over to the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild page to get all the details. Kick-off is today followed by a 14-day blog hop.

This summer challenge wraps up at the end of August with judging in early September. Winning quilts will be displayed in the Simplicity booth at Fall Quilt Market. Robert Kaufman is a proud sponsor of this fun event and has donated bundles of Darlene's newest line, Mother's Melodies, with coordinating Kona solids as prizes. You'll have multiple chances to win!

Grab-A-Fab Wednesday - Week 5

It's time for our fifth Grab-A-Fab giveaway in partnership with fabric designer Lesley Grainger! One lucky person will receive a free fat quarter bundle of Pretty Paisley Flannel, this time in the Retro colorstory.

Just leave us a comment below for a shot at the prize. The winner will be announced on Monday.

And don't forget to visit Lesley's blog and comment on her giveaway as well to double your chances of winning some free fabric!

Thank you all for your continued participation! And please, come back soon :)

The We Love Color Blog Tour!

The We Love Color blog tour is almost here, and we couldn't be more excited! Over the next few weeks, you will be able to follow along as we take a look at We Love Color, a wonderful new book from Stash Books that features quilts designed by some of the most iconic quilt designers and made exclusively with Kona solids.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, a different designer will be posting about their contributions to the book and where they get their color inspiration. There will also be chances to win free copies of the book and other fun prizes along the way!

But wait...there's more. This blog tour is also a scavenger hunt! Each designer will be choosing a favorite Kona color, which is what you will need to keep track of to be eligible for the Grand Prize. At the end of the tour, if you give us a full list of every designer's favorite color, you will be entered for a chance to win a Bounty of Basics box containing 100 fat quarters of the top 50 Kona colors used in the book!

We've seriously been bursting at the seams with excitement about all this and are so happy that it's finally time to get things underway...well, almost time. The tour officially kicks off this Friday, June 1st at the Stash Books Blog.

We will be posting the schedule of upcoming stops on the tour at the start of each week, so stop by the Swatch & Stitch or our Facebook page regularly to stay up-to-date.

And don't forget to join our public We Love Color group on Flickr, where you will be able to share all the projects you make using the book.


Grab-A-Fab Winner!

We've been having so much fun doing these giveaways with Lesley Grainger and are just so happy every time we get to make someone's day a little bit brighter!

This week's winner will receive a fat quarter bundle of Pretty Paisley Flannel (Garden colorstory). Such dreamy colors!

And the winner is...

Julie T., who wrote this comment on May 23rd:

"Beautiful Fabric...would love to win a fat quarter bundle!!!"

Congratulations! Julie is our fourth winner, which means that there are sadly only two more giveaways to go. So please, visit us again this Wednesday for Week 5! And who knows, maybe you could be the next lucky person to take home some free Lesley Grainger fabric!

Grab-A-Fab Wednesday - Week 4

Hello there fabric enthusiasts! Today is week 4 in a six-week-long series of giveaways we're hosting with fabric designer Lesley Grainger.

Three people have already won fabric bundles of Lesley's wonderful fabric, so congratulations to them. If you have not yet been chosen, this might just be your lucky week!

Just leave a comment below and you could be taking home a fat quarter bundle of Pretty Paisley Flannel! The winner will be announced on Monday as usual.

And don't forget, Lesley is hosting an identical giveaway on her blog, so you will double your chances of winning if you comment on both!

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you come back soon and come back often.